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Come to find us in our new home!
NewsAs old friends know and the new realize everyday,
Communication is a paramount concern of league of dusk!!
As everything is changing and getting better,
we had the Need to enter a new and modern era on this level too :)

So,after 7 years and thousands of posts here,we are leaving with mixed but lovely feelings our Forum here

and we continue this part of our History, in a completely new area, in a new site !

I want to thank in the name of LoD and personally,
Magpyr and Kazum (the creators of forum and guild) for all their help till today about this Forum and to
invite them both, to hug us again in our new one.

So, ladies and jentelemen
The Voice and Heart of Duskers beat from now on, here: www.leagueofdusk.shivtr.com

We are waiting for you all !

Posted by Barbajohn on Monday, October 01 @ 14:17:15 BST (17814 reads)
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The Rainbow !
NewsHello guys,

only some months since we migrated in Grim Batol, but so many things already happened. In this period, we had many waves against the "Family" as we like to call our guild. We had everything that someone can find in a thriller-drama movie (conspiracy, betrayals, sell outs etc etc) but we had also, the Will and the efforts too, hard efforts from old friends who came back and new friends who are giving their best today !

So, the Flag is still up and LoDs completely alive and stronger than ever !!

Deathwing, this bloody uggly bird is down !
Our guild started from scratch in this realm, is going fast to the top and lvl 25 is coming again !
A new rank system gives a strong and clear funcionality !
High Council and Officers are waiting Pandaria and preparing to welcome that, with plans and schedule.

Our members from any rank they are, make fantastic work on recruiting and i dont refer on the qwantity , but most on the quality of the new comers....
many good friends every week , ready to fight , to have fun and to protect the spirit of LoDS, this is amazing !

i must notice here , that in the rare case we welcome a "black sheep" , the bad guy as we say, we dont need to make something special....this spirit and the history of LoDs shows to this "jentleman" the way to the door.... or the way to the friendship and the "know how to become a bro"

Guys, you change things here !
Guys, you create the Dream, the creators of LoDs had before 6 years!

"progress in a real friendly , fair and having fun environment"

I could type here many pages about what we do in LoDs and how we are, but i wanna keep it as a surprise for any new friend will come and join. it is better to see and realize for yourselves , than to hear pretty words!:)

Ending this,
i am sure more than ever for the great Future of our guild, guys! maybe we face the BEST RAINBOW, after the dirty rain !

our spirit is our power!
our boys are our weapon!
our future......are our boys.....are, YOU!!

with honor !


*: my english will remain as it is, original :)

Posted by barbajohn on Monday, June 04 @ 14:27:13 BST (24930 reads)
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A New Start !
NewsHi guys,

League of Dusk, a guild, a Hug, a “Family” !..... In the Book of its 6 years History, this Guild “turned” yesterday, officially too, the Page, completed a hard job called “migration”…..many thanks to all of you who helped so much on this, guys!

With a bit sadness leaving LB, a realm in wich we have great memories, but with happiness arriving in a plenty of everything realm Grim Batol, We are ready to face and “make” our Future ! Addicted to Love :) and stucked on the spirit of friendship, good will, understanding and having Fun yeah! We go on!

For all of our members , but for the new friends who are visiting this page, I would like to give here once again our “picture”, they way we will make new History :)

So, one guild, 3 lovely teams!

Raiders !_______ The ultimate team who open the roads for all of us! To much work here !:) LoDs can guarantee great cooperation, fun raid times and yes, progress ! Hundreds of plans and schedules from our Raid Admins And really good preparations and behaviors from our raiders

Socials !_______ The main body of this huge “Family” !....... Friendship and love “live” here :). Is really amazing when someone is asking for something in guild-chat, the way all others answering and trying to help…..crazy dungeon times, accies runs with laugh ……..with one word , the wish “Have Fun” , here becomes Reality !

And our 3d team, PvP-ers !_______ The “Hordies Lesson” :) Really crazy soldiers ready to run after the bad guys! 10 of us are enough for 40 hordies, lol………cause these boys are Heroes!:) and know how to do it!

So, our new friends,_____ With these 3 teams in our Hug, we are ready to welcome any of you, wanna join and have fun with us. Our Co’s are ready to help and explain, all the details a new member must know, so he can feel comfortable and enjoy the game as a Dusker. And our HC’s (High Council) are there always, to help everyone and to guarantee that the democracy and justice will be for ever , the Flag of LoDs :)

So my beloved Duskers!_____ We are here in Grim Batol, it is DONE ! :)
Best wishes from heart for a great Future !
Keep up the already amazing work !
Keep laugh as you only know!
Keep enjoy this game with the unique way Duskers always made!

……../standing in attention and salut !


Posted by Barbajohn on Thursday, November 17 @ 12:39:28 GMT (13789 reads)
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The Winds of Change.
NewsHey guys,

Wow, it's been a couple of weeks of change here in LoD!

The first change was that I decided to step down as GM after the best part of six years. There are many, many reasons for this but the fact is that I couldn't commit anywhere near enough time to the game or the guild to run it effectively. Hell, if we are being honest I haven't run it for a long time :P

It is with GREAT pleasure that I introduce you to your new GM, the man who has been at the heart of the guild for a long time, the oldest WoW player I think I have ever met (he's about 90 now, I think!)!...




And the second change for us - the new realm.

Lightning's Blade hasn't been healthy for years (if it ever was) and in the last couple of months it has been in terminal decline for Alliance players, so we have decided to move the guild to new pastures - where we hope the grass is much greener.

Our new home?

Grim Batol!

I've had a play around on it and am more than happy with the choice - it has an almost 50/50 split of Ally to Horde and has a thriving AH, city chat, etc, etc. It's like a whole new world!

If you have just joined us from GB then - WELCOME!!!!

We are very much aware that transfering characters to new realms is not cheap so we have come up with an idea that gives everyone options.

First - feel free to transfer any of your chrs over - just post in forums which is going (and check with an officer if you want to be helpful and carry some things from the guild bank over :) )

For transfering mains - some have gone already, but I think the idea is to keep raiding on LB and transfer en masse on the 15th November.

Second - and what a few of us have done - roll a brand new level 1 and start over amongst your fellow guildies. Definitely a cheaper option, and maybe more fun if there are a lot of you levelling together :D

Anyhoo, that's it for now....LB is dead, long live Grim Batol!!!!!!
Posted by magpyr on Sunday, October 23 @ 18:34:34 BST (19606 reads)
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BWD = Cleared
NewsJust a quickie.

So tonight a group of our intrepid Duskers downed Nef and therefore completed Blackwing Descent. A HUGE GZ to all involved, both tonight and in the many raids leading up to this moment.

I guess a lot of non-Duskers reading this will just be thinking 'why's it taken you so long?'. You know what, I don't give a s**t about people like that! This guild is not hardcore, it is not all about the next big boss kill, and it has been over some rough bumps to get to where we alre now. Completing this raid is progress, it is an achievement for us, and it was well earned!

Well done, guys...still making me proud!



Posted by magpyr on Tuesday, July 12 @ 22:16:11 BST (7563 reads)
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Raid Progression

Throne of Thunder:


1.Jin'rokh the Breaker


3.Council of Elders



7.Durumu the Forgotten
9.Dark Animus
10.Iron Qon
11.Twin Consorts
12.Lei Shen

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